Spark Building - A Radiant Addition to Cathedral Square

The Spark Building on Hereford Street is the first new building completed in Christchurch’s Cathedral Square since the earthquake in 2011.

With the aluminium & glass Façade providing a second layer to the building, this was a great opportunity for Landson Glass to showcase their ability to provide high quality and accurate laminated glass products.

The Façade covers an area of 1465 m2 which Landson Glass proudly manufactured & supplied to Woods Glass Christchurch. The project called for 13.52mm Low Iron Toughened PVB Laminate which also has the addition of Screen Print patterns to create a really impressive visual finish.

Careful planning from Woods Glass and impeccable attention to detail from Landson Glass staff ensured that there were no abnormalities with the finished product. The building was completed to the highest of standards, making it an exquisite new addition to Christchurch’s urban landscape.


Landson Glass