COMF-E® Optimum

COMF-E Optimum is a new generation of Landson Glass IGU that offers optimum performance via a Low E (emissivity) coating. This is specially designed to minimise the amount of heat passing through the IGU.

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The clever microscopic coating keeps your space cooler in summer (by reflecting heat away) and warmer in the winter (reflecting the heat back inside) without compromising the amount of light entering your space.

COMF-E Optimum is a range of highly efficient, premium IGU which uses a wide selection of glass, spacers and gases to meet our customers’ performance needs, with the added benefit of a Low E Coating.

IGU Options

  • Spacer types:
    • Aluminium, Stainless Steel or other Warm Edge Spacers
  • Spacer thicknesses:
    • 6–24mm
  • Sealant types:
    • PIB primary seal, Polysulphide, Silicone or Hot Melt Butyl secondary seal
  • Glass types:
    • Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Decorative Float, Laminated, Toughened or Heat Strengthened.
  • Triple Glazing available.
  • Sizes:
    • Up to 2700mm x 3500mm with aluminium spacer. For units using other spacers, please call to discuss specific size requirements.
  • Lead time:
    • 2 – 5 weeks ex-factory (TBC)
  • Steel or timber end caps or crates can be made to customers’ requirements.

Greater Comfort All-Round

COMF-E Optimum technology helps regulate the temperature of your space year-round via thermal insulation, offering comfort and superb energy efficiency, without compromising the quality of natural light.

Reduced External Noise

With Landson Glass’s high quality selection of glass, spacers and gasses, COMF-E Optimum IGUs also offers significant external noise reduction when incorporating our acoustic laminated into IGUs.

Maximise Your Outlook

COMF-E Optimum’s superb energy efficiency allows you to have larger window spaces, while maintaining a superior energy rating.

Landson Glass COMF-E Optimum IGU Warranty

Landson Glass takes pride in the quality and workmanship of all its Insulated Glass Unit (IGU) products, manufactured to be fully compliant with all relevant Australian and New Zealand Building Codes and Standards.

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COMF-E Optimum and all other COMF-E range products are registered trademarks of Landson Glass Pty Ltd.