CIAL Walkway at Christchurch International Airport

Christchurch International Airport’s recently completed CIAL Walkway is designed to shelter pedestrians from the elements as they travel to the nearby bus collection point.

Landson Glass are proud to be the Glass supplier of choice for this exciting project. The glass was supplied to Woods Glass Christchurch who undertook the installation.

The Walkway walls are made up of 71 individual glass panels, totalling 535 m2 of 17.52mm Low Iron Toughened PVB Laminate, which also have a unique Digital Print pattern that takes inspiration from Antarctic Pack Ice & also Ellsworth Mountains. The Digital Print pattern has three stages of varying opacity that has also been cleverly sequenced so that the print continues on adjacent walls in a sequence of six.

The Roof to the Walkway has 68 individual glass panels, totalling 522 m2 of 21.78mm Low Iron Toughened SGP Laminate, which has also been Heat Soaked. As the pattern on the roof is less detailed than the walls, we were able to apply Screen Printing to these areas.

A combined project specific QAQC was put together by both Woods Glass & Landson Glass. This entailed a tight tolerance on roller wave, zero edge alignment / step, specified for exposed edges to the roof & also the bottom edge of the wall panels. Alignment of the fixing holes required less than 1mm of step – a very tight and tough specification considering the largest panels were 2858mm high x 4045mm wide. Despite the challenges, the Landson Glass team delivered an exceptionally high quality finished product, with all supplied panels fitting perfectly.


Landson Glass