Landson Glass

Local and Global — the future of glass supply

With bases in Australia and New Zealand, and world-class production facilities in China, Landson Glass is home to Australasia’s most experienced, dedicated and creative professionals.

To equally match their unrivalled focus on quality of manufacture, Landson Glass invests significantly in experienced, networked and customer-focused staff so our customers can Import with Confidence. Our team, regardless of location, work closely, united by a philosophy of unbeatable customer service.

With world-class, modern production facilities combining efficiency with supreme affordability, all Landson Glass products are manufactured to the most rigorous Australian, New Zealand and International standards, along with full certification histories for every step in the supply chain. We leave nothing to chance to deliver outstanding products of impeccable value.

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We take pride in our capacity to deliver high-volume customised stock products and architectural products.

The Landson Glass Story

Established in 2002 by the late William Feng, Landson Glass initially serviced the ‘cut to size’ annealed market for the Australian domestic window industry. Landson Glass developed a reputation as a customer-focused supplier who was responsive, competitive and trustworthy. These qualities appealed instantly to customers representing a broad spectrum of markets, from commercial developments to residential projects featuring varying levels of customisation.

Landson Glass Today

The Landson Glass business model is unique: Australian owned factories in China creating high-quality products exclusively for Australian and New Zealand customers.

This successful, innovative model relies on an experienced Australian and New Zealand management team to look after local customers, as well as sophisticated and efficient manufacturing facilities in Qingdao, China. As our loyal customers understand, all Landson Glass processes are based on principles of global best practice.

With Flora Hua managing the facilities in China and Gerard McCluskey leading the Australian team, and Aaron Fitzgerald leading the New Zealand team, Landson Glass is superbly positioned to offer unrivalled experience, capability and flexibility to its customers.

Landson Glass – Reaching its Potential

The business continued to invest in its facilities in Qingdao, China, and evolved to include toughening, laminating, double glazing and silvering to support Landson Glass’ expanding customer base and the market’s increasingly sophisticated needs.

As Australian citizens raising a family in Sydney, William and his wife Flora worked very hard to manage both their production facilities in China and their sales and warehouse facility in Sydney. Upon William’s tragic death in 2011, Flora took over directorship of the company. Under her leadership the company has continued to grow and prosper to reach its full potential.

Delivering the best of Both Worlds

Australian, New Zealand and Chinese operations, working in tandem under one management umbrella, allow us to deliver the best of both worlds. We are at the heart of the world’s manufacturing base in China, imbedded in the Australian and New Zealand markets and close to our customers. These strengths are passed directly to our customers in the form of competitively priced products and supported by exceptional customer service. Our Chinese manufacturing facilities are elite processing plants, complete with stringent quality controls. Designed to expedite either one-off orders of custom design or fast bulk runs, the plants are configured to meet the ‘real world’ needs of our customers. In Australia and New Zealand, our customer service and distribution systems are tailored to the local markets from boutique residential to high-rise commercial structures.


Landson Glass products have all been certified by SAI Global and are fully compliant with both Australian and New Zealand Standards. Landson Glass are a long standing member of the National and State Glazing Associations (AGGA, GGANSW, GGAV) and a consistent supporter of the GAAQ.